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 A true professional, I highly recommend Marc Krebs of Krebs Custom, Inc. 

David Fortier

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    Wauconda, IL 60084, USA

Shortly after graduating in 1984, Marc began building and customizing the venerable M1911 .45 for carry and competition. His pistols became well known nationally due to the quality of his work. Also known for innovation, he developed the attractive yet functional "Snakeskin" front strap on M1911's. No less a company than Smith&Wesson has copied this on their own their own Custom Shop Performance pistols.

Yet while a noted and gifted pistolsmith, as of late Marc Krebs has returned to his original interest, military small arms. Venturing where few tread, he exhaustively studied and researched the designs of the famous Russian weapons designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. While studying the design of the AK series of assault rifles, Marc became duly impressed by its rugged simplicity and legendary reliability. However, like most, what he desired was an actual Russian AK, and not a foreign knockoff. With none available he set out to produce a rifle that met current Russian military specifications, yet would be legal to own in the United States.

Using Russian Saiga hunting rifles as the foundation he produces a model identical to the current Russian AK-103 7.62x39mm assault rifle. The Saiga is basically an AK100 series rifle with sporter modifications to start with. Marc makes the required alterations, using brand new parts that meet or exceed the quality of the Russian originals, to conform to the letter of American law. His rifles feature an exact copy of the current issue Russian muzzle brake CNC machined from 4130 bar stock, the correct cleaning rod brackets, the latest issue synthetic furniture with heat shields in the forearm, and a scope rail on the side of the receiver. His workmanship combined with the high quality of the Russian Izhmash Arsenal result in a Kalashnikov rifle without peer. After using two of his rifles extensively and training with them at the prestigious SIGARMS Academy, I came away very impressed with his product. Fit and finish is excellent, accuracy from the chrome lined hammer forged barrels is among the best I have ever seen from a member of the Kalashnikov family. Reliability through thousands of rounds of FMJ, SP, and HPBT ammunition was flawless despite the weapons never being cleaned and being exposed to sand and mud. I have been asked on a number of occasions what sets these rifles part from other Kalashnikov rifles on the market. It is a simple matter of quality and attention to details. As attractive as they are rugged, they allow the American collector and shooter a chance to finally own a high quality Russian AK built at the Izhmash Arsenal in Izhevsk, Russia.