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Ewbank Manufacturing



Now out of business

specialized in “HAND BUILT”, “HAND CRAFTED”, AK-47’s rifles, underfolders and The AK-47 “SHORTY

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  • Ewbank Manufacturing
    Winslow, AZ 86047, USA

production AK-47s as well, but prefer the hand builds. Ewbank MFG. is a “stand alone” Corporation. It is not part of another company or enitity. We are located in Northern Arizona, in the city of Winslow. We provide services and goods with-in the Firearms Industry. We are expanding our services to FFL dealers, law enforcment and a limited number of Gun Shows.

AK-47 Stamped receivers and AK-47 pistols, excellent quality and craftsmanship. Can be used to build a custom AK’s. Factory new condition available at many outlets for under $100

These are the newest AK receivers on the market and come with the X & Y axis marked, all holes pre-drilled except for the lower rear trunion hole (this makes it possible to make a larger range of AK firearms), and the rails installed. Features a com block spec center support bushing, manufacture info listed on the bottom of the receiver, and marked 7.62X39. Their the entire unit is heat treated.

Ewbank Manufacturing

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