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Ohio Ordnance Works



Ohio Ordnance Works Manufactured Universal AKM 7.62mm & AKS 5.45mm Receivers; U.S. manufactured

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  • Ohio Ordnance Works
    310 Park Dr, Chardon, OH 44024, USA

WW II Collectible Firearms. Class 3 Dealer. DoD Contractor. Fully Licensed Firearms Manufacturer. Import/Export. Repair Specialists.

Ohio Ordnance Works Manufactures Universal AKM 7.62mm & AKS 5.45mm Receivers; U.S. manufactured, Metal is unfinished (in the white), 1080 carbon stamped steel, Thickness: .048 thousandths (1.24mm). Both rails installed (left rail has ejector, main support post rivet rail installed). No holes for trunion and buttstock. Heat treated (Trigger and hammer holes are heat treated, then the whole receiver is drawn down at 600 degrees for 1 hour. The receiver is now heat treated but not brittle. If you heat treat the whole receiver, the minute you quench it you will warp the entire thing.)