Kalashnikov Limited Edition Patch

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    Only 100 will be made

    Limited run of Kalashnikov I.D. Card patches

    We screwed up when we shipped out the 600+ AK47 I.D.cards and ran out of the 1,000 patches we ordered for the last few decks that went out.. 

    SO, we need to re-order more to replace those. And since it is not cheap to buy a small quantity, we will do a limited run of patches for all those who missed out or want to participate in the AK47 projects again !!

    • A limited number of the same patches as the AK47 I.D. Cards will be made

    • Only 100 of the new unique patch will be made


    Just 15 days - All or Nothing

    This will be a quick campaign, (Just 15 days) please share it with anyone who might be interested 

    This campaign is going to be an "All or Nothing" since there is no way to buy a smaller increment of patches than the minimum orders we have set up

    We can always order more, so if these patches are in demand, there will be enough made to ensure plenty for all 

    The Patches

    We will do 2 designs this time around:

    • a limited run for those who missed out of the original AK Card patches

    • a new design with the colors swapped out (reversed)




    Each perk will ship for FREE (in the U.S.A.)
    with low cost international shipping options

    • The New AK Deck Patch w/ Sticker

    • The 'Original' AK Deck patch  w/ Sticker

    • Just the Stickers (both of em)

    • Both AK Deck Patches w/ Stickers

    • Two of each AK Deck patches w/ Stickers

    • Both AK Deck Patches & Set of 3 'Spam Can' Patches w/ Stickers

    • Both AK Deck Patches & AK47 I.D. Deck

    ** You CAN grab more than one perk if you would like !!! **

    Risks & Challenges

    With over a dozen successful campaigns, we look forward to another 

    • This one will be "All or Nothing" so no one is at risk 

    • Since this is a re-order of an existing design, we are as certain as can be the patches will look as good as the 1st run

    Other Ways You Can Help

    • Please help get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.

    • Please share on Facebook

    • Please share on Instagram

    • Please share on the You Tubes 

    Thank you all for your continued support of our projects