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    32. Soviet PSO-1,
    early black painted scope, Novosibirsk production dated 1966 military Hammer-and-Sickle markings, perfect battlefield wear not beat up just honest wear. Clear optics, everything works great, amber bulb, comes with internal battery adapter, cold weather adapter, era specific heavy web brown-olive carry pouch/dust cover, perfect for your Sovietized Tigr/NDM, Iraqi Tabuk sniper or PSL.

    33. Chinese military marked PSO-1 copy
    (jjj-85 marked) 4X telescopic sniper sight for NDM-86, dated 1990, mint new in the metal transit box with full accessories and consumable spares, two eyepieces, etc. Note that this is the rare non-export model which has Chinese language writing on the control turrets, etc. “833-In-Circle” factory logo painted on the box and on the scope data plate. Has IR-detection. Fits any SVD, PSL, Tigr, etc.

    34. Russian Axion EKP-8 “Kobra”
    1X combat sight, rare military model with factory rotary locking plastic anti-glint hood (only the military model has the flange to accept this hood) and VSR-camo ballistic nylon belt carry case. Mint new, never used, open collimator developed in 1990’s for use with AK-74M. All accessories included. I will also include some hard to find spare parts to make sure you have everything you should ever need to keep this baby in operation for some time to come.

    35. Bulgarian PGO-7V
    RPG magnified targetting scope, mint new, used in quite a few numbers during the Afghan War on AK-74N’s. Scope looks to be pretty much in perfect shape. Comes with a very nice green web carrying case with brown leather piping (has a tiny bit of wear on the piping). Comes with internal battery adapter. I think it works just fine but have not fired it up in many years.

    36. Soviet 1P29 “Tri-Lux”
    military issue 4X magnified combat optic, officially adopted by the Soviet military in the late 1980’s for use on AK-74, RPK-74, etc. Mint new never used, crystal clear wide angle optics, inverted aiming marker rangefinding reticle, military markings throughout, still new with wrappers on all the accessories, includes a full set of ballistic cams, manual, padded military case, manual, passport, etc. Fully coated optics. Cams allow precise on-the-fly adjustments for various distances (AK-74 5.45mm cam installed). No disappointments, the best one I’ve ever owned, complete package,

    37. NiT-A/B
    1X combat optic, Novosibirsk marked, officially placed into service by the Russian Interior Ministry in 1995, issued to special forces units as ODON (Independent Rapid Deployment Division) and were noted to have played a key role in combat missions in Daghestan in the hands of the elite Vytyaz unit. New, comes with padded case, manual. Does not need a battery.

    38. PKS-01
    Being the original military fore-runner of PK-AS, I am offering one (of only two in the US) actual Russian military AK-74M 5,45mm calibrated PKS-01 red dot-black dot combat sight. This is one of only a small batch of prototypes made for field trials in the late 1990’s, and is not the standard issue late model 9x39mm 9A91 calibrated sight that Kalinka has recently sold as a “5,45mm” version. This sight includes the original VSR-camo pattern cotton web (not nylon) dust cover and has the early military side-mounting bracket which can be converted for proper eye relief for either an AK-74 or the VSS/9A91 platform, by simply relocating a removable screw stop pin. I got this from the factory as a favor, just before they were fined for exporting military hardware around 2001, at which time the sight was redesigned and calibration-neutered to make it safe for civilian sales, thus the modified version with equal-distance MOA adjustments (no caliber range setttings), larger mount and rotary power switch was renamed PK-AS.



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