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How to read Russian Ammo Cans (Spam Can Translation)
Posted by AK47 Guru
Posted February 14, 2016 | 0 favorites
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How to read Russian Ammo Cans (Spam Can Translation) Published on Jul 14, 2012 Collecting AK Ammunition (7.62x39mm) can be a fun, cheap and rewarding hobby AK Ammo often comes in Russian 'Spam' Ammo cans which are sealed from the factory and marked with stencils in codes that describe the ammo inside Since these cans have been made for many decades, in multiple countries for different end users, the codes used to mark them vary quite a bit However with the help of a few reference sources it's possible to interpret most of the information from Russian Spam Cans патроны охотничьи = Hunting Ammo (Thanks to our viewers!!) This is part of a series of videos we will post discussing facets of collecting the AK47 and related equipment and memorabilia
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