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What is this place? – A free resource for collecting the AK-47 and other Kalashnikov Rifles

What are we selling? – Nothing, this is just a lot of free information, supported by a few ads & links.. enjoy it and please give us some feedback so we can continue to improve it

Why did we build this website? – We are website guys who like to collect, research and build AK47 and Kalashnikov Rifles, this is our online notes, diary and photo album.

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How to build an AK47 ?:
No amount of explanation
can replace experience.

We’ve broken down the assembly of a US made AK47 into 12 steps that we will illustrate with text and images here. Some videos are also available Choose a Parts Kit, AK47 Parts Kits Price List

Is it Legal?:
Question: Is it legal to assemble a firearm from commercially available parts kits that can be purchased via internet or shotgun news?

Answer = YES.
Take a look at what the ATF (BATF&E) says about it, they enforce the laws

#1 Get an idea of what is involved and the costs
#2 Check out the Parts Kits available
#3 Learn the AK47 building methods, choose one, and gather the tools needed
#4 Buy an AK47 Parts Kit, Receiver, Trigger Parts, Rivets and sometimes a barrel
#5 Walk through the steps, to ensure you have gathered all the tools and parts needed

Tools: There are a few simple, and relatively low cost tools needed to build, repair and maintain the Kalashnikov rifle. We take a look at each tool an AK builder might choose

Parts: The Kalashnikov is a simple yet efficient machine comprised of relatively few parts. We talk a look at the parts of the AK47, AKM and AK74 as well as the legal, financial, collectable and quality differences between them

Origins: The Kalashnikov is the undisputed most produced firearm on the plant throughout all of time. As a result, the AK47, AKM and AK74 rifles have been made all over the world by official manufacturers, re-manufacturers, satellite companies, home builders, insurgents, freedom fighters, dictators and other sources too numerous to list