Kalashnikov Ammunition

AK47 Ammunition Collection

I started out collecting the ak-47 7.62×39 spent brass when I’d be out shooting at different shooting ranges

AK47 Ammo is an easy thing to start collecting because it’s available and it’s free

Notice on the back of these spent cases there’s markings and those head stamps they’re called designate on the military cartridge which factory it was made and what year it was made and on a commercial cartridge it’ll tell you what company it is and what caliber it is

there’s a lot of different people out there making the ak-47 ammunition

it is real easy to create a pretty big collection of spent cartridges because so many people are buying it from different sources they’re getting it from different sources they’re all shooting it it’s all ending up on the ground at the shooting ranges so for me that was a real easy way to get introduced to the collecting of ak-47