AK47 Manufacturers

The Kalashnikov is the undisputed most produced firearm on the plant throughout all of time. As a result, the AK47, AKM and AK74 rifles have been made all over the world by official manufacturers, re-manufacturers, satellite companies, home builders, insurgents, freedom fighters, dictators and other sources too numerous to list

Here are some of the major sources of Kalashnikov rifles, parts and accessories

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US Manufacturers
Ewbank Manufacturing
Winslow, AZCaliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
These receivers are used by Ewbank Manufacturing, and many other US AK47 builders who use them in their own builds.
Arsenal USA
Las Vegas, NVCaliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
These are milled receivers used by Arsenal in Las Vegas
Arsenal USA
Las Vegas, NVCaliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
These are milled receivers used by Arsenal in Las Vegas
ITM Arms Co.
Cleveland, OHCaliber: 7.62 x 39 mm
1080 carbon stamped steel
Thickness: .048 thousandths (1.24mm)
Trigger and hammer holes are heat treated
ITM Arms Co.
Cleveland, OHStamped AK47 receiver

Gordon Technologies
Arsenal of Bulgaria

Arsenal Inc, of Las Vegas Nevada

Armory USA LLC
– (713) 944-3351
– TR Graham Gunsmith

Arsenal USA
– Jimmy Streetman
– 1999 –
– Name was changed to Armory USA

Elk River Tool & Die


– 2007 – 2009?
– Hector Bennett
– Purchased the equipment from Armory USA

Ewbanks Receivers
– 2006 – 2008?
– UF’s have the Reinforcement Plate
– improvement over the Vulcan/Hesse

Firing Line

Global Trades / Armory USA 
– Ron Yates
– Jimmy Streetman
– tooling was made in Bulgaria ?
– blank, form, weld, heat treat, CNC the holes
– charged EXTRA for custom serial #’s
– 1.0mm or 1.6mm
– magwell dimples looked ‘unique’
– Sold their Receiver Tooling to Elk River Tool & Die

ITM / OOW Receiver


– No step down on the top rails
– soft ejectors
– missing “X reinforcements” on axis pin holes
– axis pin hole area hardened, not a full receiver heat treat
– markings on the side of receiver
– their original AK47 receivers had selector holes incorrect, creating a gap
– from an out of spec 1.2 mm material

Lancaster Arms


– Goodyear, AZ
– Dan Faulk
– Parker Colorado

NoDak Spud
– holes on the NDS-3 receiver are hard tooled (punched in the flat).
– laser cut axis pin holes on the NDS-1 (also NDS-1P, NDS-M92, NDS-1KP) and NDS-2 (also NDS-2SF, NDS-2T) receiver series

Ohio Rapid Fire

RPG Arms
– Ron Yates after Global Trades
– (713) 405-9090

Southern Armament

Special Interest Arms

Vulcan / Hesse

– 2009
– Akron, Ohio
– Purchased the equipment from Elk River Tool & Die ?
– have stepped rails



– quality receiver
– custom serial number
– proper markings
– They come finished